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Are You Ready To Live God’s True Purpose For Your Life?
Great! Join me and I will personally guide you to find your purpose and figure out what you were put here on earth to do!  Because let me ask you a personal question… Look around your life right now. Are you doing the work you were TRULY put here on earth to do? 

Everyone has a purpose for being on earth, yet most of us are not fully aware of why we’re here or what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives.  Let me tell you a secret about your purpose:
Stepping into God’s purpose for your life has 100% nothing to do with what your friends and family think you should do. 

 Stepping into God's purpose for your life has 100% EVERYTHING to do with your passion and your God-given GIFTS + talents.
A part of living your purpose is having the mindset that God created you with the exact personality, passions and gifts necessary to achieve your greatest potential for His name. But when you miss this part your life can become the greatest source of anxiety, stress and strife.

The problem is you may have grown up hearing things about what you’re truly passionate about that have shaped the way you think about your God-given purpose without you even realizing it.
Tell me if this sounds familiar:
  • You’ve been feeling stuck in a rut for a while (maybe even years), but you don’t know how to get out of it
  • You feel like you’re not really engaged in your life, job and career and you're just "going through the motions" of what people expect you to do
  • You know you're smart and talented but you can't ignore the feeling that you're not living up to your fullest potential 
  • You dream of being your authentic self and living the life you know God intended you to live, regardless of what other people think
  • You’re tired of “playing small” and want to use your gifts to make a positive impact on the world, but you’re afraid of failure (and probably a little scared of success, too!)
  • You’re ready to stop prioritizing everyone else’s needs above your own and start taking care of yourself without feeling guilty
Well guess what, my love? It's absolutely possible to find your true purpose and start living your authentic life today.  But the only way to move past the “status quo” and achieve the purpose God created you for is to have a new and fresh perspective. But it all starts with discovering what God’s purpose is for your life in the first place.

I wholeheartedly believe in using scripture and God’s word to discover what the Lord created you to do…
That’s why I created the Unleash Your #Legend Transformational Experience, a 28-step daily devotional that shows you how to find your true purpose for Christ.

In this engaging and uplifting daily devotional, I help you discover  God’s purpose for your life through the mastery of Biblical principles that point you towards the passions, gifts and talents God has already given you. You may not be aware how important your passions, gifts and interests are to the Kingdom of God.

When you understand how powerful the Lord’s vision is for your life through your passion and gifts, you’re able to extend this to the outer world with a realistic action plan to make that purpose happen.

In my warm, yet bold and powerful way, I walk with you on a journey to discovering God’s true purpose for your life using the gifts and abilities He’s already given you…

How do I know this works?
When my dream as a Christian filmmaker crumbled in 2011, I wanted help. No, I needed help - desperately.

I needed to rediscover and reconnect to my purpose.

I needed to reinvent myself as a woman of faith.

I needed to have confidence in who God created me to be.

I needed to be sure I was on the right track.

I was ready to PROSPER.

But when I reached out for help, what I got more often than not was:

People who claimed to be experts but weren’t actually living in their own purpose themselves… but claimed to give me the “best” advice about how to walk my own path. (I know you’ve seen them before!).

People kept suggesting a bunch of busy work: volunteer in this ministry, go to this conference, get this new job, do this, do that.
But I soon realized that nothing would change physically until I was ready to change spiritually.
I began reconnecting with my Creator. Declaring not what was my reality, but what God told me was possible.

Using a series of action steps revealed to me by the word, I soon started to gain clarity on who I was as a Christian and why God put me on this earth.

And I ended up writing this statement:
Powerful stuff, right?

My journey to finding my purpose allowed me to take responsibility for the results I had created, but empowered me to let them go and focus all my attention on the true purpose God has in store for my life.

And that's why I took those exact action steps God revealed to me and put them into the Unleash Your #Legend Transformational Experience, so you can apply them into your own life.
What do you think could happen if instead of constantly whining, complaining and focusing on the things you don’t want, you begin to act intentionally about the things you do want in your life?
For me, I learned that what you verbalize, you magnify and manifest in your own life.

And that’s the secret to discovering your true God-given purpose and achieving it.
Let me show you how you can find God’s purpose for your life and create an action plan to achieve it in 28 steps or less!
The Unleash Your #Legend daily devotional includes:  
  • The Unleash Your #Legend 7-step formula for finding God’s purpose for your life 
  • The Unleash Your #Legend goal formula for translating your passion into your life purpose 
  • My 21-step formula for translating your legendary goals into an actionable strategy you can execute 
  • Bible verses to deepen your faith and encourage your walk 
  • Inspirational quotes and prayers to motivate you and connect with Christ 
  • Actionable homework after each devotional designed just for your purpose 
Here’s a little about who I am today:


I’ve been teaching women how to find their true purpose for Christ since I was a 19-year-old Sunday School teacher in 2005. Since then I’ve gone on to teach women nationally through feature films, books, daily devotionals, blogging, online courses, speaking engagements and radio interviews.

Teaching you how to discover God’s purpose for your life is the reason why I exist, and it truly lights a fire in me every time I receive another message from a Godlywood Girl reader who has used my formula to ignite her passion and step into God’s TRUE purpose for her life.

And now… it’s your turn.

Stage One 

Passion & Purpose Clarity – This is all about identifying the natural skills, talents and abilities God has given you that you’re passionate about. Then we take it a step further by helping you discover how God wants you to use your God-given passion(s) to achieve His purpose for your life.

Stage Two 

Divine Confirmation – One of the most IMPORTANT parts of this devotional, we walk you step by step in how to ignite your inner prayer warrior and ask God to CONFIRM His purpose for your life.

Stage Three 

Create the Strategy – In the final stage, we begin by helping you clarify what success looks like once you’re living your purpose for Christ. We help you find your "why" so you stay motivated to achieve God's purpose for your life even when things get tough. And most importantly – we help you create the right strategy and action plan using the resources you already have access to so you make real progress towards success.

Plus you’ll receive these incredible bonuses:
Affirmation Workbook

A digital copy of our $8 Affirmation Workbook, a 7-page guide to creating positive affirmations for your life that will empower your confidence, affirm your faith and motivate you to keep going no matter what challenges come your way.

11X17 Vision Board

A digital copy of the 11X17 Godlywood Girl Vision Board. Normally sold for $12, you’ll get your own digital copy absolutely free of charge so you can fill it out, print it out, and place it everywhere in your house to constantly mediate on your vision and keep it at the forefront of your mind. This is to help you get from point A to point B. I truly believe in helping women get to where they want to go in life so they can live with passion and achieve God’s purpose for their life.

Testimonials from our girls:

Desiree Rodriguez, Blogger

“Stephanie is such an inspirational person. She’s the one that inspired me to start my own blog. She knew I could be successful in blogging before I realized I could. Stephanie knows that you have the potential to accomplish your goals. And with her motivational skills, you’ll have the keys to unlocking your success.”

Brittnay Starks, Transformation Coach

“Let me just say that Stephanie is amazing. She has been able to help me grow in so many ways, I can’t even begin to tell you. I went from having wonderful ideas and concepts about a business to actually implementing the strategies that she suggested, to actually making profits. And it’s because of her that I am where I am. So whatever she’s putting out there, grab it up, consume it. It works when you work it.”
This book make me feel like it’s possible to do this! It taught me concrete, valuable information I can take action on to build my business.” -Jennifer
“Such a beautiful woman of God you are! Thank you for your encouraging words and inspiration to walking in my purpose with God! God bless you!” - Kisha
“I’ve had days I would be in tears out of frustration and I think of your messages and I push through it and get things done. I look back and I think wow I’m glad I found your page!” - Dae, Godlywood Girl Reader
"Thank you so much for your inspirational devotionals. They are so needed with all the negativity that surrounds us in this world. It's great to take a few minutes to read positive encouraging words. I look forward to reading your devotions. Keep them coming!" -Charline, Godlywood Girl Reader 
Listen, nothing will change until your actions change and I want to give you the jumpstart you know you’ve needed, but weren’t quite sure where to find it. If you’ve been looking for a sign… this is it! On the other side of investing in this devotional is the beginning of a clearer, bolder and more purpose-driven you. So what are you waiting for? Just click the Add to Cart button below and you get your instant DOWNLOAD NOW!

Please note: You’ll receive a digital copy of the Unleash Your #Legend daily devotional, 7-page Affirmation Guide and 11x17 Vision Board as soon as you complete your purchase. The physical book copy of Unleash Your #Legend will be shipped to your house within 5-10 business days.

To Your Purpose,

Stephanie Rodnez
Author, Filmmaker + Purposeologist
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